About Us


PT. Amarta Mustikateknik is a company that specialized in office work space. We have a wide range of local and imported work stations, seatings dan storages. The company was established in 1995. With the small office at Pondok Pinang, we started out by taking job order to build an interior for home such as kitchen set, living room, dining room and bed room. As the demands grow, the customer was also growing. We also had the chance to design an interior for hotel rooms. We are going stable with the jobs and the company could grow even bigger.


Our first office project was on 1998. We started to manufacture local workstation on 2002 because we want to create products to suit our customer needs. We have created office projects for governments, private companies, banking and many others. In 2007 we decided to import office chairs to keep up with the quality of our workstation.


At that time, our company has grown too big and we needed new space for manufacture. We moved to Cinangka in 2008 to serve as our office and factory. The old office became our show room to show the customer our range of products and dummy of an ongoing projects. Now we are still improving our quality of products and service to meet our customer every needs.


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